Wall Art

Photo albums and framed prints are great. So are photo acrylics, photo slates, and photo mugs. Come on now, who doesn’t love seeing one of their all time favourite images when they’re enjoying their morning cuppa? But there’s more to displaying pictures than meets the eye. How about… wall prints?

Why Choose Wall Prints?

Wall prints are pretty special, and that’s because they’re incredibly versatile. We can create wall prints to capture our most special and memorable moments; to produce a unique gift for a loved one that’s totally different to anything they’ve ever had before (and, most importantly, it’s not yet another pair of socks!); to decorate our home with one-of-a-kind artwork that really means something.

Types of Wall Print

Here at PhotoSmile in Croydon, we love wall prints. We want you to love them, too. Why not pop along to our studio and see what we can do? If you can’t get here right now, don’t panic — here’s a look at the types of wall prints we can produce quickly, professionally, and for a price that will leave you smiling:

Canvas Printing

If it’s classic, high quality wall decor you’re looking for, it’s got to be a canvas print. Perfectly printed to your preferred size, stretched around the wood frame, and finished to the highest possible standard, a canvas print may well be a traditional choice, but it’s also one that we’re sure will never go out of style.

Photo Mounting on Acrylic

For photos where the vibrancy of the image is the true star, photo mounting on acrylic is a fantastic option. The addition of acrylic glass emphasises the boldness of your image, adding even more liveliness and shine.

Photo Mounting on Wood

Pretty much the opposite of photo mounting on acrylic, photo mounting on wood produces a truly one-of-a-kind look. Think sophisticated matte, sharp and precise edges, and total focus.

Aluminium Printing

Stumped by sunny wall spaces? Here’s the secret to a long lasting photo print: aluminium printing! It’s one of the most durable options, thanks to added UV protection that keeps your pics looking great.

Foam Printing

Combining a professional look with the light-as-a-feather nature of a Forex foam plate, foam printing is the ideal way to create a perfect wall print without the fuss, without the faff, and without the weight!

Photo Collage

Why choose one picture when you could choose ALL the pictures? For those times when a single picture doesn’t speak a thousand words, try combining your images into a photo collage. Tell the whole story…

Poster Printing

Posters aren’t just for cinemas! When you want your image to really have the ‘WOW’ factor, and when you want it to really draw attention, there’s nothing better than a large format poster print.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Think the ideas listed above are your only choices? Think again! Each of these options — from canvas printing to poster printing, and everything in between — is highly customisable, for a look that’s truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a non-standard size, or you want us to help you create something a little different or a little ‘out there’ with our expert Photoshop skills, the sky really is the limit here!

Whatever type of wall print you choose, and whatever sort of service you need, there’s one thing that you can be completely sure about: with PhotoSmile in Croydon, you’ll see great results every time.

For more information, get in touch with us by phone (0203 105 2393), by email (info@photosmile.co.uk), or drop by our studio at 94 High Street and come and say hello!