Family Portrait Studio

Whether it’s creating a magical Christmas memory, capturing a special Easter moment, or simply ‘just because’, PhotoSmile are ready to transform your family into a true work of art. The PhotoSmile studio in Croydon provides an ideal environment for families which allows kids to be kids; a place where the young, and the young at heart, can show off their personalities and have them immortalised in images.

Capturing Spirit

They always say ‘never work with kids or animals’, but here at PhotoSmile we’re defying this age old adage. We know that kids can sometimes be a bit mischievous, but our dedicated photography studio in Croydon is perfectly set up to ensure we’re always able to capture the perfect moment, no matter what. Where some might see a touch of cheekiness, we see spirit, and that’s we want shining through: character.

At the PhotoSmile studio, we’re able to completely control our surroundings, including the atmosphere, the light, and the comfort of your family, so you have nothing to worry about. Your family photoshoot won’t be hindered by the wind or rain, by dark storm clouds or prickly grass. Instead, we offer a friendly and comfortable environment where you and your kids can feel at ease, and take things at your own pace.

A Unique Work of Art

There’s no right or wrong way to take family photos. With lengthy experience in kids and family photography in Croydon, we’ve seen all sorts of poses and wardrobe choices. Whether the shoot is staged or natural, we want you and your kids to feel completely comfortable. That’s why we listen to what you want, and work to make it happen. If you’re unsure about what would look best and would like a helping hand from the best in the business, the PhotoSmile team are always on hand to guide you through your photoshoot, suggesting backgrounds, props, and accessories to create fantastic photos.

Planning Your Family Photo

Here at PhotoSmile in Croydon, we’re sometimes asked who should be in a photograph. Our answer? Anyone! Some parents like to have individual pictures of their children, with each image showing off that child’s own unique and individual personality. Others like to have photographs of siblings together, highlighting their special bond. Sometimes, the whole family are called in for a group picture. It’s really up to you.

The Perfect Present

Kids and family photography in Croydon isn’t just about taking great images; it’s about displaying these images in a way that really complements the messages that these pictures send. Simply having the photos printed is great, but there are more creative ways to show off your family. Here at PhotoSmile, we love canvasses and other types of wall art, like acrylic prints. We also know that our clients love our photo books, which make for fantastic gifts. Can’t decide between photos? Why not choose a selection and have them transformed into a photo book as a gift for Granny? There’s nothing quite as personal, or as memorable, as a photo book filled with images of your loved ones.