Studio Photography Croydon

Whether you’re looking for family photography in Croydon, corporate headshots, or anything in between.. You’ll find exactly what you need here at our professional PhotoSmile studio.
The PhotoSmile Studio Photography Croydon
Here at PhotoSmile, Croydon, we operate our own professional studio that’s got everything we need. This allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive studio photography experience and create amazing images. The PhotoSmile studio might be a little different to photography studios you’ve visited in the past.. And we think this is what keeps our clients coming back for more. We also believe that the best pictures are achieved when we’re relaxed, and especially when you’re relaxed. For this reason our PhotoSmile studio is private, relaxing, and has no distractions.
Our Approach to Studio Photography Croydon
Right foot here, left arm there… Sometimes, portrait photography can seem more like a game of Twister than a photoshoot. Strict poses are a common technique but we find that these restrictions can leave our clients feeling a bit stiff. Hence, we want you to loosen up, and we want your natural self to shine through. That’s because we want to capture not just your image, but also your personality. This is why we always keep an open mind and constantly adapting our technique to suit each individual client.