beauty photo retouching

Beauty Photo Retouching

Professional retouching in Croydon is becoming hugely popular, but what exactly is ‘retouching’? Well, it’s a digital method of photo manipulation and editing that could be described as the airbrushing of the modern world. The difference, of course, is that instead of making you look like you’ve been airbrushed to within an inch of your life, we use our technology to make you look natural, real, and simply the very best version of yourself, leaving you with photographs you can be proud of.

Digital Retouching

Here at PhotoSmile, Croydon, we draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience of photography and beauty photo retouching to optimise and enhance your existing images, to give you complete satisfaction. Whether you want to remove red eye, or adjust the sharpness of your image to really bring a picture to life and help it to stand out boldly, we’re here to help. If your photos aren’t perfect, they soon will be!

Beauty Retouching

Our beauty retouching services in Croydon mimic this effect digitally. Hate your laughter lines? We’ll wipe them away. Shy about yellowish teeth? They’re gone. Embarrassed about a big pimple or glaring sunburn? We can quickly and easily adjust skin tone so that nobody has to know. We can also add a soft focus effect to really add glamour and drama.

Not Just for Models

We’re often asked if beauty retouching is just for models, and our answer is ‘no’. Anyone can use beauty retouching, and we’ve worked with all sorts of images such as baby portraits, family photos, graduation pictures, wedding pictures, and more. From a chocolate smudge around a baby’s mouth to a small blemish on the chin, and from red eye to an unsightly crease in a wedding dress, if there’s any aspect of a photograph you’re not 100% happy with, let us know and we’ll discuss the different ways that we can help.

Why PhotoSmile?

We love staging photos, taking photos, talking about photos, and encouraging our clients to learn more about art and photography. We’re skilled and experienced in all aspects of photo retouching, so you can be sure the finished products will look natural. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some other companies go overboard, leaving subjects with plastic-looking faces, but don’t worry – you’ll only get the most professional service from PhotoSmile. We always believe that you’ll always get a better, more professional finish when you choose experts. That’s us! From minor touch ups to more involved retouching, we’ll work with you to create your ideal image, just how you imagined it. We offer some of the most competitive prices for photo retouching and other types of photo manipulation in Croydon, helping to save you money, and leaving you happy and smiling.