Photo Editing

There’s a reason why photography is an art, not a science: there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to take a picture. What there is, however, is a massive difference between a photo that looks good, and one that doesn’t. That’s where we come in! At PhotoSmile in Croydon, we turn your images into works of art.

What is Photo Editing?

They say the camera never lies, and it’s true. But who’s to say we can’t bend the truth a little? Photo editing is something that’s been around for many years, but is now much more exciting thanks to the wide range of digital techniques and methods that we can use to enhance an image… or change it altogether. A traditional form of photo editing, for example, would be transforming a colour image into a black and white portrait, although today we can do much more than simply play around with the tone.

PhotoSmile are leading experts in two distinct types of photo editing:

Beauty Retouching

Whether it’s laughter lines that have snuck in long before they’re due, a spot of dribble on your baby’s chin, or the dreaded ‘red eye’ effect, beauty retouching services can help a photo to show who a person really is. With extensive Photoshop knowledge, we can give your images a little helping hand, so that they look their best with just a slight touch of photo manipulation… no crazy airbrushing, no fakeness, no lies.

Old Photo Restoration

Don’t throw out that old damaged photo… let us see what we can do! Whether your image is scratched, torn, folded, or faded, our digital photo editing techniques can breathe new life into your old images. Whether we need to recolour your photograph, restore your picture, or recreate parts of the image completely from scratch, we want to help you to keep your most treasured memories alive and kicking.

Why Choose PhotoSmile?

With years of experience not only in editing pictures, but also in taking professional photos and finding new and innovative ways to display these images, PhotoSmile in Croydon really is a UK leader in all things photographic. We pride ourselves in having the best team of Photoshop experts this side of the Adobe headquarters, and with prices starting at just £15, we offer a top service, for a great price.

Your Photos, Your Way

Making your photos picture perfect is easier than you may think. In fact, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your sofa! Whether you’re looking for photo services in Croydon, or you’re located anywhere in the UK (or anywhere across the world!), a simple email is all you need to get the ball rolling.

To transform your images from ‘OK’ to ‘amazing’, just send us an email to We’ll take a look, provide you with our expert advice, and give you a competitive quote for the work. Easy!

Remember: our photo editing services start from just £15. Can you afford NOT to edit your pictures?