Studio Photography Croydon

Here at PhotoSmile, we’re proud to boast one of the best equipped photography studios in Croydon, offering our clients a relaxed, comfortable, and most importantly enjoyable experience. Opting for a slightly alternative approach to studio photography, we focus on making our clients – everyone from tiny newborns through to their grandparents – feel completely at ease during their time with us. This allows us to create images, portraits, and headshots which really show off your family’s character, their personality, and their spirit, for photos that you can really be proud of. It’s the PhotoSmile way. 

Studio Photography Packages 

We’ve designed our Croydon photography studio to create the ideal space for a range of pictures and portraits. For expectant parents, we’ll work with you to stage your perfect maternity photoshoot to capture all the excitement, anticipation – and perhaps a few nerves – during this incredible time (and there are plenty of cosy corners for Mum to take a well-earned rest if needed!) We’re also experienced enough to always expect the unexpected. We know that family photography can sometimes be a little unpredictable. That’s why we keep a selection of props to help you customise your shoot, and keep the kids happy – and we always have spare baby clothes to hand for emergencies! 

The versatile PhotoSmile studio is also set up to accommodate individual portraits and corporate headshots, providing you with a friendly yet professional space to achieve the perfect look. For those times when a smartphone selfie just won’t cut it, the PhotoSmile team are ready and waiting to assist. 

Why PhotoSmile? 

Why choose PhotoSmile for your studio photography in Croydon? With not only a true passion for the art of photography, but also lengthy experience in the field, the PhotoSmile team are some of the most talented, professional, and personable photographers in Croydon. We’re proud to understand not only the technical side of what makes a great image, but also the personal side of things. We’ve seen first hand how nerves can show up in pictures, which is why we’ve undergone extensive training on putting our clients at ease by adopting a friendly approach, and ensuring everyone feels involved in the process.

Photos to be Proud Of 

Here at PhotoSmile, we’re not happy unless you’re completely satisfied. That’s why all of our studio photography packages include free photo editing services, ensuring that you’re 100% pleased with the results. We truly value input from our clients, so if there’s anything you’d like to change, or anything you’re not happy with, let us know. Our skilled photo editors can turn a great image into the perfect one. 

Book Your Studio Photography Today 

The PhotoSmile photography studio in Croydon is open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm to ensure we can accommodate all of our clients. Advanced booking is required, so if you’re interested in maternity photography, newborn photography, child and family photography, portraits and corporate headshots, or any other type of photography in Croydon, get in touch and book your appointment today.